Introducing Magic Words

The 2018 Bank of Ireland Junk Kouture Grand Final Vote is now open, and will remain opening until Friday 6th April at midnight.

The vote will be kept pretty much the same as the lifeline and regional final voting. At the end of the week, there will be a Super Friday vote: Throughout the week you can complete activities to get extra votes, which will add up over the voting week to be used on Friday. At the end of the week, you can put the total number of votes towards ONE outfit. You’ll need to choose carefully - there’s no going back after you’ve spent your Super Friday votes! You can still give your regular daily votes to other designs on Super Friday.

There are a few different ways you can get Super Friday votes. You can complete any, all, or none! Each day that you vote for 1 outfit you will get 1 Super Friday vote. Each day you can also share any outfit on Facebook for an extra vote (you can share as many as outfits as you’d like, but you will only get 1 Super Friday vote per day that you share). There will also be social media accounts that you can follow which will give you 5 Super Friday votes each.

And now you can gain extra 3 votes per day, 12 in total with MAGIC WORDS…. Keep an eye on the Junk Kouture Instagram stories, a ‘Magic Word’ will be shared every day between Monday & Thursday (4 words).

On Super Friday, you can give 1 design a maximum of 37 Super Friday votes. Designs that you do not choose to allocate your Super Friday votes to can still get up to 5 regular votes from each voter throughout the week!