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What it does

1. News

Taking part in the competiton, or not, keep up with the latest news in and around this year’s recycled fashion competition.

2. Competition entry & vote

Enter your design into this year's Junk Kouture Competition via the app

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Into the 2018 competition

Students: Before you get started
Prepare the following

The name for your design

The description of your design see details

2-10 photos of your design see tips

Your 60 seconds music track for the catwalk performance

Get your team members mobile numbers

Ask your teacher to register here

Step 1 Register on the app

Recommended for all app users but essential for those who want to enter the competition or vote for design entries

Step 2 Enter the competition

All team members & their teacher have to do this step

Enter all the required personal information

All team members & their teacher have to do this step

Scottish Students

Scottish schools entering the Irish competition will be able to register through the app from Monday 15th January.

however, if you wish to enter via email (SCOTTISH entrants only) please email the following to sara@junkkouture.com:

  • Design name 2-10 photos (maximum 5mb file size)
  • Materials used
  • Concept behind your design
  • 30–50 word description of your design
  • 60 second music clip
Team Members
  • Model name, phone number, email & DOB
  • Other team members (Maximum of 2) names, phone number, email & DOB
  • Teacher name, phone number & email
  • Town & school you are entering from

Step 3 Add your Design

Only the first Team Member WHO ADDs YOUR DESIGN into the app will be Team leader and can Enter & edit All the Design’s Details.

iF a Team Member has Already Added your design you Need to join the team. THEN YOU CAN review THE ENTRY.

Step 4 Give it a name

The name of Your Design has to be unique within this year’s competition.

It will be displayed During the online Voting Stage and on Screens During the Stage Performances.

Step 5 Who worked on the Design

All 1-3 Team Members have to be added to your Team.

Don't forget your teacher

Once a teacher from your school has registered with JK and their documents are approved they will appear in the selection list.

remember to Select the model!

If you have only 1 or 2 Team members it is important that you click on The Team complete Button.

Step 6 Upload your PHotos

Our tip:

Upload a Full Length Front view Image of your design first - As the First Photo will be Featured in the Public Vote.

Next upload up to 9 More Images, showing a Full Length Back View and Detailed Shots of Material & Craftsmanship.

Step 7 Written Descriptions

You will need 3 written Descriptions About:

  1. Your Materials Used

  2. Your Concept, Story & Ideas Behind your design

  3. A 30-50 WOrd Summary to be Read out During the Catwalk Performance

Our tip:

Prepare your Descriptions in a text Editing Software, e.g. Microsoft word, Do Plenty of Spell-checks And Avoid text Speak. Then email them to yourself And copy & paste Them in here.

Step 8 Upload your Music

You have to log in to the App on a Desktop Computer From where you can upload your 60 seconds music track For your catwalk performance.

Step 9 Edit until you’re happy

Only The Team Member WHO ADDED YOUR DESIGN INTO THE competition can Now go back And edit All your Submission

Your entry has to be finalised on 22. January 2018.

Yay! You're in!
Your submission is complete.


1. Materials

Describe what materials you used and where they were from.

2. Concept

What is your design’s story? Why did you create this design? What message do you want to express with your design?

3. Summary

A summary of 30-50 words that can be read out when on the outfit is on the catwalk.

photo Tips


Only upload original photo quality - NO Screenshots or images saved from Facebook or Instagram. The file size should be at least 2MB.

Full Views

Photograph the design on a person or a mannequin (full length front and back views).


Ensure that one of the photographs has an up-close view of the materials used and showcases the detailed craftsmanship on the piece.


Take the photographs using good lighting conditions to prevent blurring or shadows.


Submit a maximum of ten photographs per entry – ensuring there is a variety of shots demonstrating the most important aspects of your design.

Teachers: Before you get started
Prepare the following

your garda/police vetting document

teacher id/photo

Step 1 Register on the app

Recommended for all app users But essential for Those who want to enter the Competition Or vote for Design Entries

Step 2 Enter the competition

All team members & their teacher have to do this step

Enter all the required personal information

All team members & their teacher have to do this step

Step 3 UpLoad your documents

Once you have uploaded your Garda/police vetting and Teacher Id, the junk kouture Team will verify the Documents. As soon as you receive Verification, your status will change to ‘Verified’. Now you can join teams as their teacher and review the students entries.

Teachers must be registered prior to being invited to a design by a student.

Step 4 Join All your teams

Remeber to join all The Teams you are the teacher of before the end of Registration. Teams without a teacher won’t be accepted.

You will see a list of Teams From your school who have already entered a Design.

You will see a list of Teams Who invited you As their teacher. Check the box to join the team.

Yay! You're in!
Your submission is complete.